photo makeover makeup
I can't begin to tell you the joy and fulfillment I have experienced 
helping women feel more beautiful and self assured.

We all want to retain the essence of our youth in one way or another.  
That's why we spend so much time resurfacing the skin on our faces, 
having face lifts, using Botox injections and so on.  But what good  is all 
of that if we don't use the proper make up application to enhance what 
we are trying to achieve?

I truly believe that if we don't learn to apply make up properly we can 
actually add years to our faces....covering up what we have just 
completed to look fresh and renewed.  That is why I offer makeovers 
and one on one make up lessons.

So....take a chance and make that appointment.  It will be one of the 
smartest decisions you have ever made.  After all, make up is without 
a doubt, a powerful thing.